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A cabinet of musical curiosities

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The Musick Cabinet is a group of like-minded musicians based in Kent, UK.
We play a variety of instruments to bring to life a selection of curious old classical, baroque, renaissance and mediaeval music. We have an eye (and ear) for the unusual in repetoire and instrumentation.
For each playing session or performance a different group of friends will gather such that their instruments, interests and talents are focused on the particular repertoire to be explored.
Music played is mainly for small ensembles but from a wide historical range, from mediaeval through renaissance, baroque and classical to romantic and modern.
Instruments played by our various members include renaissance flutes, baroque flutes, modern Boehm flutes (vintage wooden and silver), renaissance recorders, baroque recorders, baroque bassoon, French model bassoon, serpent, rebec, piano and harpsichord. Groupings are flexible and adaptable depending on the needs of the music.
The Musick Cabinet was founded in 2007 as a focus for these musical activities, which already had been flourishing for many years.

Whilst we meet to play for pleasure, to discover and bring to life musical rarities, we enjoy sharing our discoveries with others by way of occasional public performances.

You will find on this site descriptions of our diverse activities, plus some of those of associated local music groups.


Associated groups, such as the Canterbury Waits, play renaissance instruments including crumhorns, sackbut, cornet, shawms, curtals, bagpipes, racket and viol. The Canterbury Waits was founded in 1970.


Look out for photos of our unusual instruments and links to MP3 files of our playing.


Our most popular page: Downloadable printed music. Mostly duos for flutes.


Most recent: A section including arrangements of Mozart, Chopin, Scarlatti, Schubert and Chaikovski incorporating Alto flute in G.


NEW. Web pages of The Canterbury Waits , Trio Concorde, Mike Alexander and Origo are now hosted by this site.


MP3s of Mike on Theremin and of Origo are on the Music Sound files page.


Please look at our Items FOR SALE  page.



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